MSU Prevention, Outreach, and Education Program

The Prevention, Outreach and Education Department (POE) provides relationship violence and sexual misconduct education that is focused on engaging the campus community in prevention.

They have a suite of educational training that are available for specific audiences.

Required workshops are:

  • SARV Prevention Program – 1st year on campus students (or never completed an RVSM training in a previous academic year)
    • General Workshop (available Fall 2019)
    • International Student Workshop (available Fall 2019)
    • LGBTQ Workshop (available Fall 2019)
  • Bystander Network Workshop – 2nd year on campus students (or completed only a single RVSM training in past academic years)
    • Bystander Network Workshop (available Fall 2019)
  • Online Education Workshop – 3rd & 4th year undergraduates (who have been on campus more than 2 years), Graduate students, Faculty, staff and employees