Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan

It shall be the duty of the prosecuting attorneys’ association to keep the prosecuting attorneys of the state informed of all changes in legislation, law, and matters pertaining to their office through the department of attorney general of the state of Michigan, to the end that a uniform system of conduct, duty and procedure be established in each county of the state.  The Prosecuting Attorney’s office is responsible for a wide array of legal functions for the County, including:

  • Act as the chief law enforcement official in the County
  • Review, authorize and prosecute violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws of the State of Michigan and County ordinances committed inside the County
  • Authorize and prosecute felony & misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offenses
  • Represent the County in criminal matters before the District & Circuit Courts; juvenile delinquency, parental neglect and miscellaneous probate matters in the Family Court, and appeals in the Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court
  • Advise the Michigan Dept of Human Services on child abuse & neglect petitions, and actions to terminate parental rights
  • Attend contested mental health commitment hearings
  • Presides at a monthly Concealed Weapon Permit Board, unless he or she opts off for the remainder of their term. In that case, the county board appoints a certified firearms instructor to replace the Prosecuting Attorney.
  • File and prosecute actions to establish paternity
  • File actions to establish family support orders
  • Represent and advise the County Board of Commissioners and other County departments on legal matters