Photo Tour

Welcome to the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program. This program was developed in collaboration with national experts, local statekholders, and community members. We have all worked together to develop a program that provides a trauma-informed, welcoming, comfortable, and safe space - both physically and emotionally - to support and assist patients in the aftermath of a sexual assault. 

Click below to view photos for our space. 

  • Arrival at the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program

    The Sexual Assault Healthcare Program is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building (556 E. Circle Dr.). 

    There are 4 entrances to the Student Services Building. You may access the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program from the east or west entrances. The East Side entrance on Farm Ln allows the most direct access to the Healthcare Program, and is closest to the designated parking spaces. 

    Farm Lane Entrance to SSB

    There are designated parking spots for patients of the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program on Farm Lane.

    Parking spot

    The East and West Side entrances to the Student Services Building have a buzzer for after hours access. In the overnight hours, when the outside doors to the building are locked, use the buzzer to communicate with the nurse and be let into the building. 

     East Side entrance, Student Services Building

    East Side entrance buzzer

    Once you enter the Student Services Building, use the stairs near the East Side entrance, or the elevator between the east & west side entrances to go to the 2nd floor. Outside of business hours, the doors to the Center for Survivors & Sexual Assault Healthcare Program wing, will be locked. Use the buzzer to communicate with the nurse. 

    2nd Floor Entrance

  • Welcome & Waiting Room

    The nurse will greet you at the door and welcome you into the space. 

    2nd Floor hallway

    Nurses will complete a COVID screening before entering the Healthcare suite. 


    Nurses will welcome the patient into the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program suite and make them comfortable in the waiting room while they call to dispatch a Medical Advocate from the Center for Survivors to come and support the patient throughout this process. 

    Interior waiting room

    To ensure that privacy is protected, only one patient at a time is welcomed into the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program suite. An exterior waiting room (below) is available if a second patient arrives. 

    Exterior waiting room

  • Intake & Exam

    Patients will meet with the Medical Advocate in the intake room to receive resources, support, and linkage to aftercare supports. The nurse will also meet with the patient in this comfortable, non-medical space to discuss options and conduct the medical history. 

     Intake Room

    Medical Advocates provide patients with useful resources and information to inform patients of their rights, educate about the impact of trauma, and connect patients to aftercare services. 



    When the patient is ready, the nurse will bring them into the exam room where the medical examination and evidence collection can take place. Medical Advocates can accompany the patient into the exam room to continue to provide support throughout the process. 

    Exam room

  • Discharge

    After the exam is complete, patients will be offered prophylactic medications and discharge instructions will be reviewed. Patients are given the opportunity to get dressed, shower, or clean up. Replacement clothing is available as well as cosmetics and toiletries, if needed. 



    Law enforcement will only be dispatched if a patient specifically requests to speak to an officer immediately. If the patient requests to speak with the officer, a supportive space is available and Medical Advocates can remain on-site to provide support while making the police report. 



    Patients are welcome to decompress in our comfortable waiting areas and debrief with a Medical Advocate for support before they depart.